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Mike Baron’s Creator Owned Comics

Mike Baron has been creating his own comics since 1981, and has been nominated for Best Writer in the Kirby and Harvey Awards, and won an Inkpot Award, and multiple Eisner Awards for his work on Nexus.

Here are some of Mike’s most notable creations

Co-created by writer Mike Baron and artist Steve Rude in 1981, NEXUS is a combination of the superhero and science fiction genres, set 500 years in the future, and set the standard for indie comics for years.

Baron’s NEXUS stories responded to the world he was writing in, with competing companies overwhelming media as well as telepathy, with advertising.

The series was first published by CAPITAL COMICS, then FIRST COMICS, and eventually DARK HORSE COMICS. The character was also featured in publisher crossover specials with Magnus: Robot Fighter and Madman.

During its history, and over 100 issues, NEXUS earned a total of six Eisner Awards, including Best Single issue and Best Artist.


Florida Man Logo

In 2019, Mike Baron conceived of a series of tales featuring FLORIDA MAN, initially as a comicbook, but when he couldn’t find a publisher, he decided to try it as a prose novel.  WOLFPACK PUBLISHING loved the concept and Mike has since delivered a series of critically acclaimed prose novels under their publishing banner.

Mike was inspired by the 2017 internet meme wherein local news reports were going viral, always referring to “Florida Man” getting into some kind of bizarre trouble.

Those wild stories were brought to life in FLORIDA MAN the graphic novel, which was Mike Baron’s first successful comicbook crowdfunding effort in 2020, and two years later was published as a limited series of comics by AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY, becoming their top selling book of 2022.

The comics tell the wild and hilarious adventures of Gary Duba, the quintessential ‘Florida Man,’ a larger than life figure hailing from the magical land of Florida, USA!



THIN BLUE LINE was a story literally “ripped from the headlines,” and follows police officer Valeria Baca and her partner as their detail guarding the mayor turns into a fight for survival. Mobs burn down city hall, forcing the officers to improvise on the run, relying only on their training and wits as the mayor’s protestations and eagerness to placate the rioters prove fruitless.

The book was penciled by JOSEPH ARNOLD (an active duty cop at the time), and inked by JEFF SLEMONS. With policing being a major topic in 2022, the crowdfunding effort for this graphic novel cracked six-figures in orders.

In April 2024, THIN BLUE LINE was reprinted as a traditional, one-shot comic book by ANTARCTIC PRESS.


Private American logo

PRIVATE AMERICAN was co-created with veteran comics illustrator RICHARD BONK and marked a return to the comicbook genre that Baron had been known for, vigilante justice. 

Inspired in many ways by Marvel’s THE PUNISHER (which Baron wrote for over five years), PRIVATE AMERICAN follows Marcos Zamora, a patriotic, first generation Cuban-American and a former Green Beret. Marcos and his partner battle criminals at the southern border; cartels, human traffickers, terrorists, and enemies of the state taking advantage of the porous border and the ensuing chaos to bring in desperate migrants, fentanyl, and weapons. 

This graphic novel gained notoriety and the ire of some, with KICKSTARTER cancelling the project over protests by left-wing activists, merely because it dealt with another political hot-button topic: America’s southern border.


Bronze Star Logo Alpha

BRONZE STAR was Mike Baron and co-creator PAT BRODERICK‘s first foray into the weird western genre. The gothic horror story involves love, revenge, and supernatural terror, and offers readers a fresh take on the werewolf mythos while delivering heart-pounding scares, glorious artwork, and unexpected twists that will grab readers by the throat and not let go until the final page. 

BRONZE STAR tells a frightening tale of a civil war vet who kills a powerful land owner’s spoiled son after catching him cheating in a poker game. An angry posse soon forces him to flee to a remote mining town where he discovers that the town’s sheriff is afflicted with lycanthropy, but this sheriff isn’t the only supernatural danger lurking in this mining town…

A two-fisted tale featuring Lovecraftian creatures, blazing guns, and spurting blood, beautifully illustrated by acclaimed comic artist Pat Broderick!