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The Private American


The US border with Mexico has been overrun with lawless coyotes flowing across the Rio Grande, bringing in weapons, smuggling illegal drugs, and trafficking sex slaves across the country! Border Patrol agents are overwhelmed and seemingly powerless, while the U.S. government refuses to help. In fact, the administration seems to actively support open borders… but when the violence reaches his doorstep, one man takes matters into his own hands…

This graphic novel gained notoriety and the ire of some, with KICKSTARTER cancelling the project over protests by left-wing activists, merely because it dealt with another political hot-button topic: America’s southern border.


Private American follows Marcos Zamora, a patriotic, first generation Cuban-American and a former Army Green Beret, as he and his partner Gustavo battle criminals crossing the southern border, including cartels, human traffickers, and terrorists, and enemies of the state who are taking advantage of the border chaos to bring in desperate migrants, fentanyl, and suitcase bombs, leaving thousands of victims spread across the landscape.But none of them counted on a skilled counter-insurgency by men like Marcos and Gus, and none of them can predict where or when they will strike back next.

PRIVATE AMERICAN is compelling, fun, and thrilling… Baron is excellent at this kind of story and this one is definitely top-tier. Bonk, likewise, brings the story to life with the artwork. He does a good job with the character designs as well as the action sequences, putting you right into the moment. I do hope Baron and Bonk return with a sequel because I had a great time with this epic tale.Jacob Airey, Studio Jake Reviews


Marcos is a mash-up between The Punisher, whom Baron wrote for over 5 years at Marvel Comics, and their star spangled Avenger Captain America. And much like Baron’s last graphic novel Thin Blue Line, a decidedly pro-police action-thriller, this book’s subject matter will likely prevent it from ever finding a home at a mainstream comics publishing house, so we’ve published this one ourselves.Richard Bonk illustrated with color work by Marcio Freire and letterer Warren Montgomery.

Sketch by Steve Rude the Dude